The Tabletop Game Tag

Tabletop tag

I’ve seen the Gamer Tag float round the geek blog community for a while now but as a casual gamer I felt I couldn’t get fully involved. I love video games but I don’t have the time or patience to be fully dedicated.

But then I saw A Geek Girl’s Guide had created a Tabletop Game Tag which, as a huge truly dedicated fan of tabletop board games, I knew I HAD to take part in it! So here we go!


1. Favourite type of tabletop games?

I probably enjoy strategy games the most, but the ones where there are multiple ways to win so if your plan is thwarted you can find another way to win, such as Carcassonne and 7 Wonders: Duel. I like the literal board games the most where you have a interesting board and lots of meeples to play with which are really key to the gaming experience such as Agricola.

I also like games where the experience changes every time like Dominion.

2. Favourite time to play tabletop games?

I love spending the whole day with fellow geeky tabletop board gamers trying out new and old games and really having the time to get stuck in.  I miss my old board game group where we would take over a pub for the whole of a Saturday afternoon, not leaving until the pub closes!

Getting the family to have a go at our more hardcore board games at Christmas after a few drinks is always a lot of fun too.

3. Favourite game you have ever played?

I have to go with Carcassonne, it’s the game I’ve played most by choice, force on other people, have the app for and simply never ever tire of. And I actually win sometimes …

4. First game you ever played?

I grew up playing Monopoly, Scrabble and Mastermind but for this I’m going to count Carcassonne as my first. I first played it about 4 years ago. It was the first, shall we say more hardcore, board game I ever played. And it sparked my love affair with tabletop board games.

5. What’s the most recent game you’ve played?

Dominion. Despite having a great start to the game with lots of money I wasted it all by filling my deck up too much meaning later when I needed it I couldn’t buy many victory points!

6. What game have you played the most?

Carcassonne or Fluxx but me and Alex do play 7 Wonders: Duel a lot as it’s 2 player.

7. What game do you want to add to your shelf?

That’s a difficult one! Like books there’s never going to be just one game I want. I’ve always dreamed about owning Lords of Waterdeep though, I love the connection with Dungeons and Dragons, the quests, characters and pieces. I’m also tempted by Dead of Winter after playing a friend’s copy. It was unique and challenging and made me feel like I was in Walking Dead, one of my addictions!

And whilst I haven’t played it, I’m desperate to try Pandemic Legacy (a game you only play once the story determined by your choices).

8. Favourite game to share with non-gamers?

Codenames and Celestia are my two faves for getting non-gamers to play at the moment. They both have pretty simple rules and are short games but a huge lot of fun. They are the sort of games that can get you shouting and hating friends and family, like the best games should!

9. Well-known game you’ve never played?

Terra Mystica. I seem to see this everywhere and people talk about it a lot but I’ve never played nor know anything about it!

10. Show off your game shelf!

Me and Alex (the boyfriend) bought a bookcase specially for our board games!