Life is an adventure


The first blog post on a new blog. It’s pretty hard writing on a blank page, especially when I’m not entirely sure why I’m here. But I must start somewhere and the ink must leave the pen, so here goes.

I already have a blog, one I wanted to change the world. Of course it hasn’t and I’m more of a realist now. But I hope it’s helped a little. Encouraged people to do their little bit to help our world. My raison d’etre I’ve latched onto since undergrad is help save our wonderful planet. Which is why I’m a campaigner at a environmental charity. You can find that blog here.

But this, this is my other self. This time it’s personal (yep I went there). The one that wants to make something of herself and her life. I want to look back through the pages of my life and see a rich varied story.  I want to be a protagonist. I’m scared that won’t happen. This feeling likely isn’t new to any fellow twenty-somethings reading.

I want to be an adventurer. Adventures can be getting lost in a make-believe world. They can be virtual fates hanging on the roll of a dice. They can be learning new things and gaining  new perspectives. They can be exploring wild and new places. Meeting new people. Making a mark on the world.

This blog was just going to be book reviews and tabletop board games. Which I love. It will certainly be a lot of that. But I think it needed to be more than that too. I thrive on the indoor and outdoor adventures. I think it will be all the things I’ve expressed above. And calls for others to join me. Because the best adventures are ones that are not undertaken alone.

So I suppose this blog is my new adventure and a culmination of all my adventures, great and small. I hope it leads somewhere new and exciting. Let’s see how the story unfolds.