9 Things I’d have at my dream Comic Con!

Me dressed as Merida hugging Baymax at MCM Comic Con last year

There’s something about comic cons that is just magical. The conglomeration of thousands of geeks, the excitement that’s almost tangible in the air, the creativity and variation of cosplay outfits, so much geeky merch in one place and, from me, the fangirling!

Sadly I was unable to attend any of the large comic cons this summer due to various life commitments. I did manage to attend a couple locally, Spalding Comic Con was a lot of fun, especially as we got to meet Virginia Hey from Farscape. So now comic con season is largely over, instead of mourning the comic cons I didn’t get to attend, I’m going to share with you my ultimate  comic-con! Here’s 9 things I’d definitely include at my dream comic-con:

  1. Any comic con would have to incorporate my love of tabletop board games. In fact I’m not a comic fan really, so I’d maybe replace that element entirely with board game stalls, board game artist stands and play areas where you could try and play any board game or RPG. Attending a board game convention is high on my bucket list!
  2. I’d like the whole Game of Thrones cast in attendance (whether characters are alive or dead) and the chance to meet all of them. I’ve seen Rose Leslie, Kristian Nairn, Iain Glen and Jonathan Pryce which was amazing, but I couldn’t afford to get their autobiography/photo so I didn’t meet them. Peter Dinklage and Kit Harrington are top of the list!
  3. I’ll always be obsessed with Harry Potter (see what I did there?) so I’d still be thrilled at the chance to meet the whole cast (alive and dead) and talk to them about their time in the films.
  4. As my teenage crush on both Lord of the Rings and the film Hidalgo (yeah I’m a horse geek too) meeting Viggo Mortenson would make my inner past self very happy.
  5. Most of my fangirling comes out when it comes to books and fantasy/dystopia worlds, so I’d want the opportunity to meet some of my top authors. I’d have Sir Terry Pratchett (maybe Death could do him a deal for the day?!), J.K. Rowling, G.R.R. Martin, Margaret Atwood, Laini Taylor, Ernest Cline (I want to talk to him about the OASIS for several hours), Adrian Tchaikovsky, and Patrick Rothfuss in attendance. They’d be freely available for book signings and a long chat.
  6. I’d have a Hunger Games arena with nerf weapons such as guns, crossbows, and bows and arrows. Wouldn’t that be epic?
  7. I’d love for there to be stalls to try out virtual reality gaming. I really want to have a go. Though I jump at things way too easily so it would both be hilarious and embarrassing!
  8. I’d like to see a cosplay area just packed with loads of geeky costumes that everyone could try on and have a play around with. There would, of course, still be the usual cosplay events and competitions with people wearing their own costumes they’ve created too. That’s always a highlight!
  9. And most importantly, I would dress up as the chimaera Madrigal from the Daughter of Smoke and Bone book trilogy. I planned to dress up as Karou (main protagonist, human version of Madrigal) for London Film and TV Comic Con this year (as the author Laini Taylor was going to be there) but we couldn’t go in the end. But if I’m going all out at my dream comic con I’d like to take on a more challenging costume. As Madrigal has antelope-like horns, huge bat wings and hoofed feet that would be an altogether more epic cosplay!
star wars droids
Star Wars Droids at Spalding Comic Con earlier this year

Feeling inspired to run your own comic con or geeky event? Maybe a Hunger Games nerf arena? (You have to invite me!) You can set one up easily on the website Eventbrite, you can create an event page, sell tickets, set up guest lists and they’ll help promote your event once it’s all set up!

What would you include at your dream comic-con? I’d love hear your ideas, whether realistic or not! Feel free to write your own blog on the idea, but let me know as I’d love to read it!


5 Fandom Friday: 5 Favourite Animated Movies

5 fandom Friday

Super excited to be taking part in this week’s prompt because I suggested it! Thanks to the Nerdy Girlie for using my suggestion, I am honoured. The only issue with this prompt is that I’ll have to limit my faves to 5!

I absolutely adore animated movies hence why I suggested it. They are so pretty, happy and positive, always with a brilliant message to tell. Being animated they are only limited by their creators’ imaginations making for some pretty epic films. It also means they tend to fit in with my general love of all things other-worldy whether it be Disney princesses in medieval times or racing dragons. I’m all one for escapism and adventure.

So here’s 5 of my favourites, but it’s far from exhaustive!

How To Train Your Dragon 1 & 2


I can’t decide which I prefer so I’m lumping these two together. How To Train Your Dragon are my all time favourite films ever without a doubt. Growing up all I ever wanted was for dragons to be real and to have my very own to ride. My imagination had to make do with Dragons of Pern. So when the first film came out it brought back all my childhood dreams and dragon love. Seeing dragons in the flesh, as it were, is a whole other level. And they aren’t evil or savage in this film they are wonderful sentient beings. The films are visually epic and the music has the power to beak me down to tears. The first film is amazing because that’s when you meet young Hiccup and Toothless and see how their relationship turns from enemies to best friends. The sequel is then a true sequel, so much character development for Hiccup, Toothless and his friends. It is also heartbreaking. Toothless is the most adorable dragon ever, I would give almost anything to have my own Night Fury friend! Hiccup is also a very identifiable character for me, as a skinny awkward introvert fish out of water.



This is probably my most watched film. It’s a beautiful film with snow I can enjoy without being cold, an adorable reindeer and a snowman I can coo over, it has pretty Scandinavian details and a fantastic soundtrack. I don’t care what anyone says I will adore ‘Let It Go’ until the bitter end. It has lovable, entertaining and real characters. But also I love it because it shows that a romantic interest could be the bad guy, men are not the answer to your problems. It shows the importance of trust and compassion. It shows you it’s okay to be clumsy and a bit ditsy but you can still be the hero who saves the day. It also shows that it’s okay to admit you’re struggling with the ‘storm inside’, that it’s okay to rely on those you love when you need them. It celebrates the importance of sisterly love (whether that’s with real sisters or just your fellow women). This film is just so important.



Another stunning animated film with an epic soundtrack. This film holds such happy memories for me, me and my best friend (as horse addicts) watched it countless times. We sang the songs off be heart on long journeys and whilst mucking out stables. I like that this film doesn’t focus on dialogue, it mostly shows the story through exceptional animation and music. The horses mostly feel quite real unlike most animated depictions. Spirit’s ability to never give up is also an inspiration. It also holds an important message about our relationship with nature and animals that we should all think about.



For me this is just such a happy feel good film. It’s the one I head to when I need cheering up. I mean it has a super happy ending and no parents die (spoiler: unless you count evil Mother Gothel). Similarly to Frozen it has powerful messages, such as sometimes you know what is best for you despite what the people around you might say and you should follow your heart. Also I love the focus on the power of living your dreams. I also feel Eugene and Rapunzel’s relationship and how it develops is a lot more natural than many in Disney. They’re definitely that couple that sometimes can’t stand each other but you know their love is true.

And now I just realised, with utmost horror, that I’ve missed out Brave, which definitely should be in this list. Maybe I’ll dedicate a whole blog post to the wonder that is Brave!

shocked merida



I feel Balto is a pretty underrated animated film, overshadowed by Disney classics. I was such a tomboy as a kid that I couldn’t bear to watch the princess films. For me it was all about Lion King, Robin Hood and the brilliant Balto. I grew up surrounded by dogs and with a fascination for wolves. So naturally I loved Balto a wolf/dog hybrid. I love that it’s a story about finding yourself and overcoming the nearly impossible. Also, the bear is one of the most terrifying things I’ve seen in a film I swear. It’s also an fascinating story based on the very real Balto who saved so many lives.

So there we go! I wanted to include Wall-E and Big Hero 6 but as they got some love in my last Fandom Friday I thought I’d share my other fave animated films. I’d love to hear about your favourites and I’ll definitely be checking out other fellow 5 Fandom Friday bloggers this week to compare lists!

January Reads: 3 Mini Book Reviews

I managed to read 4 books in January which I was quite proud of, though this was mainly because I had flu so was in bed for 4 days. I’m now 2 books ahead in my GoodReads Reading Challenge, woop. It meant I got through all my Christmas books though, so I suddenly feel a little bereft of books! Also known as I have no new exciting books on my still rather full ‘to be read’ bookshelf…

The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge

World-Building: 8/10 Plot: 10/10 Characters: 10/10


I fell in love with this book from the first word. I think Frances Hardinge may have become one of my favourite authors, I instantly added a few of her other books to my ‘to be read’ list once I’d finished this. She has a beautiful insightful writing style that sucked me in, I devoured this book in a day or two. A dark tale of scandal, mystery and the complexities of family relationships set on a fictional English island in the Victorian era. It centres around themes on evolution, natural history, religion and the extremes of human ambition. As a dendrophile I loved that the plot centres around a tree! It’s filled with complex, flawed and very real characters, especially the protagonist Faith whom I grew to greatly care for and identify with. I can’t really say much more without giving spoilers, so all I have left to say is go buy/read it now! Also it’s definitely worth getting the illustrated edition, so beautiful and I adore Chris Riddell’s work.

The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood

World-Building: 7/10 Plot: 6/10 Characters: 6/10


I am a huge fan of Margaret Atwood’s dystopian fiction Maddaddam Trilogy so when this speculative fiction, set in America following economic collapse resulting in anarchy and the intervention of corporations to restore civilisation, I was determined to read it. All her books are arguably a little strange but this one goes to the next level, perhaps a little too bizarre for me. It involved sex teddy bears, sex robots and Elvis Presley impersonators. The main characters, a married couple, are living in their car facing violence and starvation. But they can leave this behind if they sign up to be part of a new social experiment. But once they sign up, they can never leave. A more light-hearted approach to societal collapse than the Maddaddam trilogy and The Handmaid’s Tale. I didn’t like the main characters, but you’re not really supposed to. However, I’m still glad I read it, it was entertaining and centred on themes of the darkness of the human pysche. Stuff like that fascinates me.

Clariel by Garth Nix

World-Building: 10/10 Plot: 8/10 Characters: 5/10


A prequel which only makes sense to read if you’re up to date with the rest of The Old Kingdom series. I adored the Abhorsen books as a teenager so, even though it took me a while to get round to it, I had to read this book. I had a few frustrations with this book in that Clariel is an impetuous self-centred teenager and there seems to be little plot just a tumbling on of events over a few chaotic  days. But I realised this is the point of the book, it’s as much about setting the scene and overloading on the world-building with one small story as being another female protagonist story in the The Old Kingdom.However, many of the potentially interesting characters felt flat and under explored. And yet this is probably one of the more realistic fantasy YAs I have read as, just like in real life, characters make the wrong decisions for the wrong reasons and face serious consequences as a result. No bed of roses here! The demons are pretty awesome. Still a must read for Abhorsen fans but I’m really looking forward to reading what I feel will be a ‘proper’ Garth Nix novel in the form of Goldenhand, featuring my favourite character from the series, Lirael.


I also read Children of Time (amazing book!) in January, which I wrote about in my last booky blog here.