5 Fandom Friday: 5 Favourite Droids


5 fandom Friday


My first 5 Fandom Friday! This was set up by The Nerdy Girlie for geeky bloggers to take part in  and to inspire us to share our geeky loves.


And whilst I’m a week late with this one I was desperate to take part in this prompt (and I can’t do this week’s) because it made me realise just how much I love robots! And surprisingly I actually had to take Star Wars droids out the list because, sorry, I love these guys just that bit more!



My very own Lego Wall-E that Alex got me for my birthday!

As one of my all time favourite animated movies Wall-E had to start the list! You know he’s got to be a good character when he all he can say is ‘WALL-E’ and ‘EVE’ and yet he carries the whole film, along with his robot companions.

He’s just so sweet, rustic, gentle and delightfully awkward. And this film ties in with my passion for nature and concerns for the environment so Wall-E’s commitment to the plant is really powerful for me.

My favourite bit is when Wall-E and Eve dance in space with the fire extinguisher, oddly beautiful!


Johnny 5


The 1986 film Short Circuit featuring the robot Johnny 5 was a huge part of my childhood and I think Wall-E’s similarity to him subconsciously helped me to fall in love with Wall-E. Some millennials watched The Little Mermaid on repeat when they were little but for me it was this film. I have fond memories of watching this with my dad so Johnny 5 (or 5 Alive as we called him) instantly makes me happy. My dad always said as a kid I was always being curious looking around and getting ‘input’ like Johnny 5. He demands input when he first achieves self awareness and wants to learn about the world. He also probably helped to kickstart my geeky interests at a young age!

Also I just love his awkward klunky almost homemade look. He feels a lot more real in a way than some modern droid characters (similar to original Star Wars droids).




Surprise surpise, another animated movie on the list! The one issue with robots? That they’re not cuddly, well, that’s until BayMax came along! Being rather accident prone I wish I could have my very own BayMax to look after my minor injuries and to cuddle when I feel sad. Also it would be very epic to have an adorable robot companion who can fly, kickass, and answer any question based on what information you install in him! They’re are so many hilarious moments from BayMax in BigHero6 and the ending makes me so happy.



Currently addicted to the Sci-Fi nineties show Farscape so I couldn’t go without mentioning the DRDs. John Kryton, his friends and the living spaceship Moya would be truly lost without these adorable little hyper fighter mechanics.



If you haven’t seen the film, seriously, go watch it now. It’s a very powerful story that raises interesting questions around human consciousness and robot ethics. And at the heart of it is the heartwarming and innocent Chappie who is given life by his ‘creator’. He’s then brought up by an eccentric couple who don’t quite sit on the right side of the law. He’s so innocent, quirky, playful and full of character and determined to do the right thing despite all the challenges he’s put against. I love him so much and would adopt him if I could!

1251623 - Chappie